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 Fastest International Courier Services in Pune

Our company is better known for providing best international courier services in Pune at reasonable rates. Be it any occasion or season we provide courier services by delivering University & Office Documents, Branded Food items,Apparels, Handicrafts,Medicines, Electronic Devices, Musical Instruments or Excess Baggage or Cargo delivery it does it all. 

Our network & connection with the best airlines like FEDEX, DHL ,UPS make possible  delivery of any urgent international courier & cargo efficiently across 220 countries worldwide.

We possess an added edge of cost-effectiveness for all your critical pickups and deliveries.Our experienced and professional team ensures on-time deliveries with the utmost care.

Send Your International parcel from Pune to anywhere across the globe

International Document Services

The major stock  of  International document Courier is send across the globe is by students applying to universities to follow their dreams. We ensure prompt  delivery of such documents and make the process hassle free without any delay   in this transition. we take  utmost care  of this documents  from our end & ensure these documents reach their destination safely and in time. For confidential and sensitive documentation, we provide priority express service for students & sensitive corporate and government documents at economical  rates.

We offer

  • Priority express service for  confidential documents
  • Timely delivery to avoid delay in document submission

Send Medicine Courier Abroad

Due to strict international laws it becomes difficult to travel with medicines  & also some of them are banned across international borders. We can take care of your situation  by shipping your medicines at your destination  with proper documentation. Medicines, if accompanied by documents then it can be easily shipped overseas. We also support pharmaceutical companies to ship their medicines & make available across various countries& territories under legal terms and documentation.

The following is the list of documents to be accompanied with the medication:

  1. Doctor’s prescription which shall include the names and dosage* of all the medicines and also the duration* for which they are to be consumed.
  2. Doctor’s declaration
  3. Receipt of medical store from where the medicines are purchased, with stamp and signature.
  4. Passport copy of patient.

International Excess Baggage Services

Carrying excess baggage through international flights is very stressful  task. ..But we have reliable support & strong network  that makes  your shipping of excess baggage travel smoothly & get  delivered at your destination on specified date and time safely & secured

Our Features

  • Extra charges can be avoided during travel
  • Hassle free delivery of all items in time


Send Food Items Abroad

Celebrating our festivals   by exchanging sweets and snacks is something that bonds us together when we are staying overseas & . It is  sweets and snacks that we  exchanged  with our loved ones during all  the occasions . It can be parents sending their kids favorite sweets to them in different countries or grandparents sending a box of goodies to their naughty grandchildren as a remembrance or just a loved one sending an essence of their love packed in a box. We help you to deliver all such food items to your near and dear ones staying across seas.

In this service we ship the packed foods, branded food items, homemade sweets and many such delicacies prepared throughout the country.

Our Features

  • Timely delivery of food items
  • Special care taken for packing of food items to avoid breakage or damage the condition of the food
  • Almost all homemade and packed branded snacks and sweets can be sent
  • Send an essence of your home to your loved one across international borders

Send Apparels & Clothing Abroad

We have  the services   of shipping  clothes and making it available for our customers  throughout the world.

India is a country known for its cultural diversity and with diversity, comes a wave of ethnic and traditional ensemble of outfits. We provide complete assistance  in helping these cultures and traditions reach every corner of the world. Some of them include traditional dresses segregated by demographics, our most common traditional wear, a saree and many such traditional extravaganza. In all these aspects, we ship all types of apparels across to almost all countries of the world.

Share a part of your cultural diversity throughout the world.

Send Electronic Items Overseas

We make hassle free shipping of all electronic equipment across international borders but with  strict guidelines and  documentation. We assist you in moving your electronic gadgets and items like television, laptops, computers and mobile phones along with many other instruments to almost all locations across the world.

To know more about the guidelines for shipping electronic instruments, please get in touch with us.

Our Features

  • Shipping of  all electronic items is done with utmost care to avoid damage to hardware.
  • Packing under special conditions to avoid issues at customs
  • Proper documentation accompanying these items for timely and hassle-free delivery
  • Special packing and care measures for delicate goods.

Send Musical Instruments Abroad

Music brings the world closer and bound together We make it possible by shipping musical instrument reach around  the world. May the recruitment is for  concert, or you gifting these musical instruments to someone you love, we take extreme measures so that  these musical instruments are delivered  safe and sound. Musical Instruments required for cultural programs, those needed for concerts and stage shows are specially handled and delivered with caution without any damage to the instruments for a memorable experience.

  • Special packing and delivery for concert instruments
  • Careful and systematic packing for delicate musical instruments
  • Hassle-free shipping of items across the world

Student Services Abroad

Students who are planning to study abroad, We make a hassle-free arrangement by providing best services sought after.

We offer  two special services for students –

1. International documents courier

2. International relocation for excess student baggage and excess luggage shipping.

The services have been constructed according to the requirements of the students who may need overseas excess luggage shipping or excess student baggage before and after admission to an international university. These services make delivery of student applications to universities abroad in the most reliable, express and secure way across the globe.

In order to have  speedy and on-time delivery of critical documents like university applications, we use an affordable  air express service to ship  student applications to universities abroad in an efficient manner

We offer student-friendly discounted freight charges for their courier, excess student baggage, excess luggage shipping on return which even your parents can use when they ship your goods and other necessities to you from India to Abroad anything anywhere.

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