Students who are planning to study abroad, We make a hassle-free arrangement by providing
best services sought after.

We offer two special services for students –

1. International documents courier

2. International relocation for excess student baggage and excess luggage shipping.

The services have been constructed according to the requirements of the students who may
need overseas excess luggage shipping or excess student baggage before and after admission
to an international university. These services make delivery of student applications to
universities abroad in the most reliable, express and secure way across the globe.

In order to have speedy and on-time delivery of critical documents like university applications,
we use an affordable air express service to ship student applications to universities abroad in
an efficient manner
We offer student-friendly discounted freight charges for their courier, excess student baggage,
excess luggage shipping on return which even your parents can use when they ship your goods
and other necessities to you from home.

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